Kitchen Witch

I love kitchens.
I’ve had (now let me count) eight kitchens in my married life:
      A galley-style in a new condo at the beginning of a new marriage. It had a greenhouse window (over a small breakfast table). I grew herbs on it’s shelves year round. Happy- happy.
     A 1940-style that hadn’t been updated-since 1940 (when the village Podiatrist moved in and set-up shop shaving bunions near the sink), with old appliances, grease covered wood cabinets, but a very happy new mother warming bottles on the electric range.
     Another 1940-style farm house kitchen with poured epoxy and shell chip counters (hideous), three layers of linoleum on the floors (filthy), and a single window. We would totally renovate this space into a beautiful red and white country affair with black and white checked floors (and move eight months later- ugh!!).
     A brief stay at a rented property, we affectionately named ‘The Swamp House’ ( we were building a new house in another state) where the death knells of creatures great and small in the deep woods that surrounded the house floated through the windows and into our collective nightmares. Comforting both children became a nightly ritual. Nice.
     A very large (too large) kitchen in the new house, that we built in Nashville, Tenn. On paper, the space looked reasonable. In reality, I had to put on roller skates to save time shuffling between the appliances. Live and learn.
     Another ancient farmhouse kitchen in a dilapidated Victorian mansion that we renovated immediately (“Ben, I will not wait two years to make this happen!”). This was a fabulous reno (we did the entire house) and created a wonderful kitchen that balanced old-world charm with modern sensibilities, and a busy household filled with family and friends. We stayed over ten years and the children remember this as ‘home’.
     A ‘bachelor’s’ idea of a kitchen (not much prep-space and tucked under a stairway) in a converted double shotgun house in New Orleans. After Katrina, available Real Estate was scarce and the property had a pool. What can I say.
     And currently, a lovely, fully functioning, modern, sophisticated, just-enough-space, great-for-entertaining, get-out-of-my-way I’m cooking up a storm kitchen.

     Maybe this will be the last?
     Maybe not.

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