People and Pets and Storms

        Now that Isaac has passed we are left with the aftermath.
     Most people still do not have power- we do (it’s a mystery).
     Trees are down, pulling with them electrical wires and crashing through fences, and over intersections, and through roofs. But not on people. 
     There have been only (this seems a bad choice of words) three deaths directly related to the storm: a husband and wife found floating at the 8 ft. ceiling level of their home outside of the levee protection system (as a point of fact, these areas were under a mandatory evacuation, but some refused to leave), and a ninety year old man that died due to heat exhaustion in his 9th-ward flat. 
     Most people are just pissed off (and hot)- but alive. 
     But what about the animals?
     The LASPCA evacuated their furry charges to their sister shelter in Dallas, Texas. Recent history (aka: after Katrina lessons) tells us they will all be adopted. Happy ending.
     However, on a recent walk-about the neighborhood, I found several cats (that were left inside stores to ride out the storm) …still in the stores- with no power, maybe no food, and most certainly dried up water bowls. Have I mentioned it’s HOT?
     I’m so upset I don’t know what more to say, except I’m contemplating a ‘break-out’.

     Note to People:
Include your animals in your hurricane plans 
for the love of Christ!!!  

Photo taken from outside looking through glass window pane
on Magazine Street
Sept. 2.
(six days w/o power at this address)


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