Tales of Isaac, Chapter 3, page 1

OK, here’s how it went down:

     Spinning storm forms in the south Atlantic.
     Meanders it’s way through the Caribbean, over Haiti and Cuba. 
     Forecasters are predicting a twist up the gulf coast of Florida. Tampa is on alert. RNC is cursing the democrats for conjuring up a voodoo storm. 
     Forecasters are wrong. Storm continues to travel a course to Louisiana coast.
     Most people in New Orleans are talking ‘tropical storm’. I’m thinking, ‘maybe not’, and head to home improvement store (to stock up on batteries and water) and liquor store (fill in the blank).
     Storm hits southern Louisiana coast and pushes more surge into bayou than expected because it is so s-l-o-w moving. Winds exceed 100mph.
     Wednesday, August 28, the storm is expected to move into metropolitan New Orleans area this evening. I spend the day shuttering the windows, pushing the courtyard furniture to corners, and watching the local news. Goodbye garden.
     That evening the winds pick-up. I grab the cats, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and go to bed. I fall into a delightful slumber with ear plugs in place and night shades. Ben, on the other hand, is up all night.
     Thursday, Isaac continues to sit over us like an over-zealous lap dancer. I watch a new gutter come unhinged and slap the side of our house. No water is rising and we have not lost power. Amazing.
     Friday, we loose Cable (and thus, internet access), but still have power. I turn the A/C way down, as if to thumb my nose at Isaac. No matter, that we need sweaters, and extra blankets to sleep. 
     Isaac finally moves on leaving 260,000+ w/o power in 100 degree heat. Ice is at a premium (I have several bags in ancillary freezer). I begin giving ice away to strangers roaming the streets. 
     Friends begin to move in, bringing contents of their powerless refrigerators/freezers. All of the extra beds will be fully occupied by night fall. We still have power and A/C (why, I don’t know).
     Ben fires up the grill and it’s a block party. All kinds of meats are sizzling and the cocktails are cold.
     Yesterday the cable came back on. We have television and internet.
     We are now fully operational and remain the center of our friends universe- except, 
what they have not considered is…. 

that they are ours.


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