The United Nations of New Orleans

     There are so many restaurants in this crazy city that if you went to a different one, every day, for one year, you wouldn’t be able to hit them all. Seriously. That many.
     In a feeble attempt to sample this fine city’s wares, Ben and I have a wonderful little tradition of seeking out a new ‘joint’, with our good friends Peter and Bonnie, at least once a month. 
     Last Friday Peter booked reservations at a charming little place he’d heard about in Mid-city called Rue 127
     Like so many establishments, this one is located in a converted shotgun (that’s a house that’s very narrow). 
     Like so many establishments it is oozing charm (much like Peter I might add), has a great bar scene, delicious food, and lively libations.
     Bonnie and I solved all the problems of the world by our third Pimm’s Cup.

Maybe that’s what the United Nations should serve at the round table?

The cocktail that might save the world.

127 North Carrollton Ave.
Peter might be waiting.

  • rosie k - Sunday morning and reading about your great life…and love Pimm’s.

    my shop is: rosie and zoe at
    (thought that would give you a direct link…
    I think you can figure it out!)

    love ya, kiddo.


    • Cheryl - I need to order some things. I’ll give you a jingle.ReplyCancel

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