A Witch’s Brew: Part One

To Witch, to spell
   with twist and turn
To coax, to mourn
   tight weave and yearn
To Fate and fury
   with magic made
To fires I’ve lit
   and flame I’ve laid
To Hell and back
   and Heaven too
To deep within
   a Witches brew
To telling truth
   in pungent rooms
To flying high
   on straight back broom
‘Tis all incant
   divine it be
This sayer says
   ‘Tis Destiny
Hello my Pretty.
I’d like you, and your little dog, to join me this week
as I  tell you the stories of three very misunderstood women
in history.
What’s that you say?
You think I may be one of them?
You’ll believe in more than that
before I’m finished with you.
Why, my little party is just beginning!

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