Container’s of Admiration

      All things need a place to be admired- don’t you think?
     My personal favorites are when I walk into a gala in ‘fabu’ Manolo Blahnik’s , tan and lean, in a couture gown (like that ever happened- OK, once) or more likely, serving an impromptu crowd on a dime and a dollar (more times then you can imagine).
     Regardless, admiration is important; as both context, and in content. 
     But what about ‘container’. 
     That’s right- the container’s of admiration are REALLY important- like a fine leather binding of a book, or crisp white sheets for dreaming.
     Or, beautiful vases for flowers.
     I organize mine by color… 

to match my apron
(or my eyes- depending on what I’ve been drinking).


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