Fabulous Fabric

       What is fabric? 
     Webster’s Dictionary defines it as (I’m not kidding); “woven stuff”. 
     Really? That’s it? 
     To me, fabric is soooo much more…
     Its’ cloth (of course) used to create clothing, and cover furniture, and drape our windows.
     We assemble sacks out of it, and sew parachutes to drop people from the sky.
     Magicians use it to reveal the astounding results of their tricks.
     We cradle babies in it’s soft folds.
     But it’s really more than that.
     Fabric is art, telling us stories, or pushing the sides of convention’s envelope. 
     Fabric can speak to us, and sometimes even bring people together in unexpected ways.
     Case in point: The amazing work of Josef Frank (1885-1967), architect, artist, designer, who fled to Sweden (and would gain citizenship) as the Nazi’s were marching on Austria and Le Corbusier was proselytizing residential architecture as “machines for living” (What is it about really famous architects and their disconnect from humans?). 
     None of this sat well with dear Josef. He believed people needed color and pattern to be happy. He believed that bigger was better. 
     He believed that life is a banquet and most poor slobs are starving to death. 
     Me too…

     And I never miss a meal.

The ‘Enduring Designs of Josef Frank’
at the
Swedish American Museum
Chicago, Ill.

Frank designed furniture, as well, with the
collaboration of design studio
Svenskt Tenn, and
founder Estrid Ericson

A watercolor preliminary drawing for a
gorgeous tulip fabric.

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