OCD: Objective Collecting Declaration

    Please join me in declaring your liberation from societal labels and sing the praises of collecting beautiful, sometimes ordinary, sometimes utilitarian objects that have mostly been forgotten and sneak into day dreams, errand-running, signing Junior up for soccer, side-swipe travel plans, and have a personal relationship with your wallets! 
     I’m talking Objective Collecting! Thank God for the Internet and the GPS in my cell phone- I can now find ANYTHING my little heart desires!! (And over the years it’s desired much).
     As I’ve stated on previous posts, I collect (or have collected) many things- from tablecloths to porcelain boxes, pure beeswax candles to chalkware statuary. 
     Many collections have been sold off only to be replaced by a new ‘passion’, and almost all have been edited from simple beginnings to finer examples of the item.
     One of my earliest ‘must-have’s’ was Jadite- all kinds, any maker.
     I love- love- love the color (and that it was used in common household glass and bakeware makes it all the more attractive to me). 

     When I bought my first Fire King batter bowl it cost about $8. That same bowl is now priced at $60!

  Thanks a lot Martha 
(you know who you are).

A small selection of my Jadite colored items.
I actually USE these items.
You should too.

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