Tartan Treasures

       There are very few ‘new looks’ in retail that surprise me. 
     Not that I’ve ‘seen it all’- not by a long shot. 
     It’s just that unless I’m in another country (and exploring indigenous items) I’m pretty accustomed to seeing beautiful things smartly displayed. After all, I live in New Orleans. 
     But then, on a visit to Chicago, I strolled down North Clark Street and something blew my kilt up (poor metaphor- sorry).
     Julie Dunlap, and her display artist Alan, have really created a feast for the eyes in their stunning shop, appropriately named Brimfield (a specific tartan plaid).
     It was like walking into a Scottish hunting lodge where the bellman unpacks you in a vintage Airstream travel trailer and then you join James Bond for cocktails in your grandfather’s basement workshop were he keeps all the good stuff because your Grandmother doesn’t want him to give out Halloween candy with Bourbon on his breath…

     At least for me.

The Tartan Plaid that started it all-

is known for it’s
creative use of plaid in
upholstery and other household items
(like lamp shades),

…it’s inventory of blankets,

…it’s fabulous display
(this ‘Nautical’ theme set-up in the unused freight elevator),

…Holiday cheer
(or Boo),

…vintage 1950’s & 1960’s items, like…


A seriously cool place!
5219 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Ill.


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