Tomorrow is the big night!
     The pumpkins have been carved, the candy bought, and I will dress in age-old orange and black vertical striped stockings with witchy heels, all in black, with my spiderweb hat and a cackle that could crack glass!
     My husband will say he’s staying inside, but will actually venture into the itty-bitty courtyard, light a fire in the courtyard fireplace, pour a chilled martini, invite the neighbors for a grilled steak, and make his way to the gate- often- to enjoy the kids (and keep on eye on me).
     At my side will be my furry friends (showing off this year’s costumes) and licking the little ones.

     All the better to tenderize you my pretty.

Princess Luna
in her ballerina tutu.
So sweet and demure!

Baby Earl
all spiffed-up
in his tux.
*Sweet William would not sit still long enough to get his picture taken.
He’s dressing as a Pirate.

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