5 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

     I sometimes wonder what new skills I should learn?
     Should I be able to fly an airplane?
     Or unravel a Wall Street accounting fraud?
     How about stabilizing the serious brain injury of a car accident victim with just the stuff in my glove compartment?
     No wait!
     Mastering the regeneration of a kidney from a single stem cell! In my kitchen!
     OK. OK. All unrealistic.
     So how about:
     1) Gut a fish.
     2) Cook over an open flame.
     3) Make a flame.
     4) Dance the Tango
     5) Make bread.

     At least I’ve got one down…

and I’m dancing while I do it.

Basic White Bread
from scratch, raised in my Yankee dough box
(see yesterday’s post).
Served with salted butter.

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