‘Don’t Forget the Ladies’

     On my rounds yesterday I stopped into the local pet supply store to purchase yet another engraved identification tag for Willie (this will make five he’s removed and lost this year!)
     The store’s PA was playing Christmas music and the shelves were laden with holiday gifts for man’s best canine and feline friends. 
     It was almost irresistible, so easy to fill my cart with trinkets for our three funny, sweet, entertaining, healthy, loved, fuzzy butts, remembering how they tore threw the wrapping paper last Christmas morning, then circled Ben for just one more tablespoon of fresh tuna, but my ears were hearing a different tune, from somewhere around a just delivered shipment of aquariums, still waiting for the shelf. 
     I circled the crates.
     “Meow, meow”.
     I pushed aside a hand cart still heavy with 20-lbs bags of dog food. 
     “Meow, Meow”!
     Where are they? 
     Well, hello there girls.
     These three are waiting for loving homes, so this Holiday season….

Don’t forget the ladies.
Beautiful sisters- Dolly & Madison.
They are all neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, etc.

This is Spanky.
She’s very animated.
A real ‘keeper’.

Spanky and the others
can be found at
5300 Tchoupitoulas St.


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