Impressionist Food

     In 1872, for three months, a young chap by the name of Edgar Degas, visited the beloved city of his mother’s childhood: New Orleans.
     He had many American relatives here, including his brother, Renee, and his maternal uncle Michel Musson. 
     They all lived in a creole neighborhood, downriver from the Quarter, on Esplanade Blvd.
     They had big houses, big families, and big plans- get rid of the Reconstruction ‘Americans’ that were taking over the banks and changing society.
     No such luck.
     Not much is known about Edgar’s stay that summer (though he did paint the only piece he would ever sell to a museum : A Cotton Office in New Orleans bought by the Musee des Beaux Arts in Pau, France), except to say Renee lost his shirt in the crash of 1873, the Opera season opened without the patronage of the elitist creoles (they came the next season anyway), and Edgar ate a lot of good food. 
     So did I, in his honor, on his street, across from his house, on the Esplanade, surrounded by very witty company, and chilled champagne.
     Enjoying an artist (fine or culinary) has never been more…

Cafe Degas
3127 Esplanade Ave.
THE best escargot in the city!

Quaint. Charming. Delicious.
A Cotton Office in New Orleans
Edgar Degas
Painting of his Uncle Michel Mutton’s Cotton Exchange

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