Men Serving Meat

     We have a dear friend who hails from Westerly, Rhode Island. 
     He came into our lives bearing gifts- friendship, laughs, his wonderful wife and daughter, carpentry skills, and the ability to gently be on the receiving end of jokes. 
     He also introduced us to a very hard, spicy salami (that his parents would send and he and Ben would slice paper thin and grill) and my family went crazy!
     Crazy Sausage Love. 
     They should write a song.
     Soprasatta, which he/we call ‘Soupy’, is a Portuguese delicacy. 
     It’s a staple food in the great state of Rhode Island (did you know that this small state has the largest Portuguese ancestry in the nation? Who knew?). 
     Since we’ve moved to New Orleans, and Johnny to Utah (long story), “Soupy’ was but a distant memory- until the other day. 
     Out for my daily walk, I found myself in front of Stein’s Market and Deli, thirsty and hanker’n for a sandwich.
    Passing beat-up picnic tables standing guard on the sidewalk, entering through old doors that haven’t seen light through their windows in decades, traversing wobbly aluminium tables rocking on, at least, three layers of mismatched linoleum tile, I made my way to the deli counter, winding through meat-laden steam and free-standing ancient coolers that where omitting the only cool air between no longer working door seals.  
     And this was just for starters.  
     Turns out there are two counters (it’s Kosher after all) and if you stand at the one at the rear, you risk  being whacked by the big freestanding cooler door, as a painfully pierced, indescribably tattooed, goth-guy comes charging out, cursing his inability to swing a hook of corned beef with the finer motor skills needed to remove cold bottled beer. 
     I was pushed into sausage heaven and ‘Soupy’ caught me.
     Soprasatta in all it’s finest forms- mild-heavy-call the doctor.
     I’ll take a pound!
     Ben was so happy.
     I even brought home some local cousins in the form of Boudin blanc sausage (pork without blood and thickened with dirty rice), and Andouille (pork heavily smoked and my favorite in Gumbo).

     Crazy Sausage Love has returned!

Cheese Case number One

Behind the prep counter-
where all the deli magic happens.

Meat case number One

Men Serving Meat
poster showing two employees

Stein’s Market & Deli
Italian and Kosher
2207 Magazine Street
Lower Garden District


  • Sue - The most adventurous I have been sausage-wise is when my (not yet my husband) let me try his (I’m a great hunter)deer meat sausage, which I liked at the time. The hubby and daughter would probably like me to take more risks and visit a deli like this instead of the occasional summer sausage I buy at the local store.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Don’t all men think they’re ‘Great Hunter’s’? Thanks for stopping by Sue and have a great weekend. See you next week!ReplyCancel

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