My Romance with Leftovers

      I love leftovers!
     Maybe it’s because my frugal Yankee mother never wasted a thing- especially food.
     Maybe it’s because using up last night’s supper gives me license to get creative in the kitchen.
     Or, maybe it’s because I get a bit lazy some days and don’t plan our evening meal in time to defrost the meat.
     No matter- leftovers are some of my favorite meals, always full of comforting flavors, richer for doing double duty.
     Yesterday, a two-day old beef roast turned into a delicious pot of beef noodle soup served with freshly baked sourdough bread slathered in salty butter.
     Ben and I could barely hold a conversation (we were so involved with slurping, and munching, and dipping and moaning)….

well, maybe that came later.
My Beef Noodle Soup

All the leftover ingredients
from a previous Pot Roast
are waiting.
I’ve added the recipe next door.


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