I have a mutual arrangement with my itty-bitty courtyard garden- I choose certain species of fruits and vegetables, give them a good home, nurture them to maturity, enjoy their product, and, if they’ve behaved like good children, remember a part of them to share with the next generation (I save their seeds).
     They satisfy my needs.
     I theirs. 
     And the world turns. 
     The question is…

who’s really domesticating whom?

Bleeding Heart Vine
Clerodendrum thomsoniae

My common Brussels Sprout
Brassica oleracea
beginning to grow it’s prehistoric looking stalk.

Our Meyer Lemons
are the size of baseballs-
and still not ready to pick!

just turning orange in the warm New Orleans sunlight.

Sharing a peek at the emerging turnips with a fuzzy little black caterpillar nibbling on the greens.

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