Living Local- no matter where you are.

     Here in the USA we have Supermarkets.
     You park your car, get a cart, and shop for anything your heart desires.
     Seasons don’t matter.
     Countries don’t concern us.
     Organic or altered.
     Frozen or fresh.
     If you want it- you got it.
     But, in downtown Puerto Vallarta, you shop by specialty, as in ‘The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker’, kind of shopping.
     Here’s a look at Living Local…

no matter where you are.

A local favorite-
coconut mixed with sweetened condensed milk and stamped with red dye #10 almond dust.

Dry goods store #1

Dry goods store #2

The Ice Cream parlor-
or Gelato Shop

Sweet Shop
with fresh nuts tumbled in
sugar cane syrup and roasted.

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