Mexican Fusion

     Who doesn’t love traditional Mexican food? 
     That’s what I thought.
     We all enjoy a smokey tamale, a well turned tortilla, a gooey enchilada, a cilantro driven salsa.
     They come stuffed with pollo, quesco, pimientos, bife, pescado, and carne de cerdo (chicken, cheese, peppers, beef, fish, and pork). 
     The classics, are well, classic, but sometimes you just need a little jazz.
     On our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta we ate well, and drank well, and ate some more.
     But there were some unexpected twists.
     One afternoon, shopping downtown PV with my brilliant and beautiful nieces, Virginia and Melissa (and accompanied by our new found family member- the fabulous Hailey), we came across a cafe that was more New York than New Mexico.
     On the banks of the lazy Isla Rio Cuale we ate cheesy crepes (smothered in Bechamel and drizzled with an onion reduction), sprouts tossed in balsamic glaze (made from local grapes), lightly sauteed  chicken breast strips on a bed of just-pulled Mizuna lettuce, and steamed shell fish (in a white wine stock) with soft avocado chunks.
     Holy Mole! 
     So in addition to the fusion of family, Mexico is merging the ‘expected’ with delightful surprises…

sort of like us
(I’m looking at you Hailey).

Reserve a table by the river at
Le Bistro Jazz Cafe
Isla Rio Cuale 16
Puerto Vallarta
(note: the mandatory Iced Tea)

A sinful
with sweet potato fries

Is this beautiful, or what!


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