Welcome Home To Me, Myself, and Santa

     We are back!
     And the Christmas holiday isn’t waiting for anyone- least of all me.
     The tree must be bought, strung, adjusted, and lit.
     The gifts must be inventoried, wrapped, bowed, and shipped.
     The cookies must be baked, sprinkled, nibbled, and delivered. 
     And party invitations accepted, declined, and acknowledged with an ‘if we can’.
     Did I mention that the kids are coming home- for two weeks! (note to self: I need more laundry detergent).
     But, before we left on our little trip to Mexico (posts to follow) I got a head-start on the most important of spaces…

Santa’s portal.

The Front Parlor’s
original marble mantle
is a beautiful place to hang stockings.
A fire will be burning Christmas morning.

Every few years I get an itch to make new stockings.
These are the kid’s fourth incantation.
They’re grown-up now so I can color-coordinate with a bit more
subtlety and not so much
‘Santa’s Toy Shop’.

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