Wishing You a Groovy Christmas

     Do you remember the 60’s?
     I loved that decade- tumultuous yet sparkly: NASA in patent leather gravity boots. Civil unrest to the background of The Beatles.  Woodstock as ground zero for the beginning of youth-focused product placement. 
     Just plain ‘Mod’, man.
     Twiggy was ‘it’, and fishnet stockings with white ‘go-go’ boots were a ‘must-have’ (my mother obliged). I love you Mom!
     Christmas trees were made of slivered aluminum foil with a rotating color-wheel that brought technicolor to your celebration (and you only had to hang silver balls- brilliant!).
     You seriously wondered what the rest of the square world was doing.
     Oh the joys! 
     Well, whenever I find a piece of that Tutti-Frutti Salad that was my childhood, I scoop it up and purchase…

because my Mother loved taking advantage of a cool new 
middle class merchandising opportunity- 
the garage sale.

‘Mod’ Snowmen
Cardboard- Glitter- Pipe Cleaners
Just the best

A Tutti Frutti Salad
from my vintage
Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls
I actually loved this when I was twelve.
Oh, how the times (and my waistline) have changed.
Didn’t Bob Dylan write a song about that?


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