Amazing things have been happening around A Pleasant House lately.
     The dishwasher, which has been unbalance for three years (off kilter upper basket sliding out no matter how full, causing one to hold it back while loading the bottom) has been righted. 
     The outside Christmas lights have come down with the staples that held them up. 
     And rolled. 
     And put away.
     I’ve been asked to enjoy the big screen TV with the added pleasure of choosing any program that I want.
     Breakfast has been made, and served, and cleaned up, not by me.
     Dinner was suggested to be enjoyed out, with a walk to and fro, and not a car ride around the corner.
     An umbrella was offered.
     Shoes have been magically placed back into the closet, and not littered up and down the stairs.
     Conversation has been initiated, and sustained, face-to-face, without cell phone interference.
     DIY internet construction plans for movable raised-bed garden boxes have been discovered.
     Hands have been held in Walmart on a unusually urgent tag-team hunt to replace a dead battery for my camera, which had just been a brief mention by me.
     Laundry is tumbling.
     Summer vacation plans have been activated.
     And, flowers have been delivered- for no reason.
     Now, if your a man reading this post you are probably mighty impressed, thinking “someone is on the ball”, or “Boy, she’s got the life”, even “What a team.”
     If your a woman…

the flowers are a dead give-a-way.

Saying it with flowers-
is always a good thing.


  • deeprooted - This post made me smile from ear to ear! Very elegantly introduced changes, and all good and/or beautiful ones – what a nice start into the new year!
    May I suggest for a staple-free-tree (;)) to try real candles? We have used them for over a century in my family without ever having any worry with them. When solidly placed, they are 99% safe and a treat you will never forget!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - I’d be too afraid the house would burn down- but we do clip beautiful glass pretend candles to the branch tips!ReplyCancel

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