Baby Likes to Party

     One of my dearest friends is having a baby!
     Aunt Cheryl gets to kanoodle with a bitty bundle of love and laughs, and a mostly sweet smelling gift from Heaven.
     Diapers, and babysitting, and walks around the block, with a good measure of Life According to… (if you get my drift).
     Oh, her parents are so excited (about the baby, maybe not so much about my enthusiasm).
     When Lisa told me, my first reaction was, “We’re having a baby!”
     My second- “Party!”
     And so “Party” we did at apleasanthouse, with food and friends, prosecco and presents, and even a spontaneous ‘after-party’- sort of like a second line parade except sitting down.
     But first, there was the prep, and even though I assume most people know how to throw a party, I’m always amazed at how many don’t consider ‘particulars’, like, having all the toilet paper holders full-up, something chocolate to nibble on, and enough bubbly.
     That’s it- poopy, nibbles, and lack of inhibition.
     It makes the world go round and baby happy…

and by ‘baby’ I mean me. 

Boy, have times changed.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Everything is plated except the two hot dishes-
bruschetta and honey roasted chicken bites.
They will come last out to remain warm.

I always organize the table the day before.
Sticky notes remind me of what goes where.

Every room has a festive mood.

Balloons everywhere!

And the gifts just keep on coming!


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