Cinderella Soup

     This past weekend I was inspired by a recipe for healthy minestrone soup. 
     It looked so savory, and warm, and, well, healthy.
     Perfect for a winter meal- pot simmering on the stovetop, the olfactory sense of the humans seduced throughout the house, the low bubble of the liquid whispering like a siren call- all damn day long. 
     Remember what they say about the way to a man’s heart? 
     But what is inspiration, if you don’t tweak it a bit? Put your own spin on it? Change it even- (I’m batting my eyelashes).
     So Minestrone morphed into Chowder. 
     Assorted veggies became shellfish.
     Low salt and heavy seasoning lost to more salt, still heavy on the seasonings.
     And the overtly ‘healthly’ aspect didn’t get invited to the party because the girl in the red dress with peek-a-boo kitten heels and a wicked wink always has a full dance card while the girl with the grey hoodie and sensible shoes is home planning a hiking trip with the bratlettes she has a standing babysitting appointment with.
     Cinderella or just cinder?

     I’ll add butta’ 
dance the night away.


Midwest Chowder
You can thank me later.
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All the ingredients at the ready.


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