Crossing Cultures

     When I was growing up in the 60’s & 70’s, there were only three television channels, and national news had one dominant theme- the war in Vietnam. 
     Every day- body counts, offensive action, defensive maneuvers, hippies with flowers strong-armed by police, returning soldiers yelled at.  
     Success and failure- all around.
     But there were, in my young mind, some positives- two really mean neighborhood boys got drafted (they came back unharmed- thank God, but at the time I never wanted to see them again), and POW bracelets. 
     Only in America could you create a fashion fad out of the fog of war.
     I no longer have that silver etched bracelet (and never found out who he was or if he returned- classic) but I have a renewed interest in the Vietnamese- in New Orleans they grow specialty vegetables for all sorts of restaurants and even open a few of their own. 
     Yesterday, I lunched at magasin cafe, and it was wonderful.
     Tender Pho, meat buns, Banh Mi, Goi Cuon, great teas (a must).
     I could barely read the menu so I followed my nose and eyes and heart, towards a peaceful, and delicious, conclusion to a cultural difference…

if only we had thought of that before.

Rice noodles
with fresh root vegetables & shrimp.

magasin cafe
4201 Magazine St.


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