Funny Man

     If you read this blog, or know me personally, you probably understand that I like to garden, to decorate, to travel, to entertain, to create, and to cook (among other things).
     You may have a sense of my humor, or what pisses me off, or how I love to learn.
      But what you may not know is what makes me laugh- or whom.
     That would be my husband, Ben.  
     As a matter of fact, that was my first impression of him- he made me laugh on our first date and I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t done that for a long time. 
     Eureka! Thunderbolts from High! This is the One!
    Case in point: The other night I decided to use up as many nearly expired cold cuts from the fridge as possible and make a Stromboli (hot Italian sandwich) which my family loves. 
     Everyone was happy- happy- happy. 
     Mouths were watering.
     Hungry birds were circling.
     The Stromboli was placed, and sliced, and plated.
     Ben took a bite, looked at me quizzically and asked, “Where’s the pepperoni?”
     “We didn’t have any leftover pepperoni. It’s filled with turkey, ham, provolone, and cheddar.”
     “So where’s the pepperoni?”
     “You and Bryn ate it all.”
     “So, this doesn’t have any pepperoni in it?”
     “No. It doesn’t.”
     “I can’t eat this.”
     “Well that’s dinner and you’ll survive.”
     “Without pepperoni this is awful.”
     “I think that’s a bit of an overstatement Bubba Meat Man.”
     “Well I can’t eat this. Kids! Any of you eating this, or are you ready to call for Chinese?”
     “Jesus Ben, your such an idiot.”
     “Pepperoni is the best thing about this. Without it, I might as well be eating a piece of cardboard.”
     I turned away, continuing to munch on the deliciousness of the melted cheese wrapped in ham (and Anderson Cooper on CNN because they’re interchangeable). 
     Ben was silent but rummaging in the cupboards. 
     He put something down on the counter.
     I turned to look.
     “This is what I might as well eat. Blog about that!’ 
     Well, alright. If you insist…

right after 
you finish stuffing your face 
and do the dishes.
A can of cat food sandwiched between two club crackers.



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