Living The HI- Life

     It was just another typical morning at apleasanthouse:
     – 6am phone call from telemarketer 
     – answering machine put to good use
     – eyes closing
     – cat puking, very close by
     – eyes open, ‘clean up on pillow 3’
     – back to sleep
     – leaf debris being blown against your house by yard crew of otherwise conscientious neighbors
     – realizing this isn’t going to work
     – up for hot shower
     – out of coffee (shit)
     – dead bird brought in for breakfast 
     – clean up, again
     – favorite shirt still at drycleaners (death ray looks given)
     – out the door (grumbling in favorite shirt #2))
     – right back in the door (low air front left tire)
     – *#^*!
     – air compressor fired-up
     – out the door (warning: Adult content)
     – door closed, lock turned.
     – peace at last
     – glance at ‘must do’ list
     – dentist appointment (you have Got to be kidding me!)
     When all is said and done, there’s nothing typical about a day in New Orleans, because you can always back up your anesthetic with a friend who’s willing to be Fred Astaire to your Ginger Rodgers and hit the Hi-Hat

just remember to dance.

Located in a former bakery
High Hat Cafe
is the ‘It’ place
of the Freret Street

Lunch was a
Delachaise Salad
Oyster Cauliflower Gratin
(with iced tea -of course)

The interior is 1940’s
on steriods.
 So Cool- and good for tapdancing.

High Hat Cafe
4500 Freret Street
corner of Jena


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