Rainy Day’s and Family

This is our family:
Both mothers- living.
Four ancient aunts and uncles.
Five sisters between us.
Assorted brother-n-laws.
15 nieces and nephews
Six nephews- n- law
One niece-n-law
14 great nieces and nephews
Two biological children (how’d you like to be called that?)
And one foster son (love ya Tyler!).
(apologies if I forgot anyone, but this gets more complicated every year)

     Just the other day I got a call from my niece-n-law (who is married to a nephew in the air force stationed in Guam with wife and daughter living in Gulfport) asking if she could drop my great niece off while she went to a doctors appointment in New Orleans.  
     I don’t have a lot of toys, or children’s books, or musical instruments anymore, but I do have pots and pans, wood spoons, a lovely singing voice, two fluffy cats, a bouncy bed, doors to hide behind, fabric scraps to make capes, empty boxes to build castles, the ability to speak in funny tongues, and cross each eye individually- but it was pouring outside.
     Play Play Play.
     Giggle Giggle Giggle
     Tired Tired Tired
“I’m sleepy. Can we lay down?”
“I want to play some more.”
“I’m thirsty. I want my drink.”
“One more time with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”
“I don’t want to dance again”
“I have to go potty. Want to come watch?”

let’s just watch the rain Auntie Chawal.”
Our precious baby Olive
who was fed-up with me at this point.


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