Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Disappearing Feline

     Everyone needs doors- to enter, to exit, to open, to slam.
     They can be wood, or metal, or made of gauze.
     Some might even be imaginary, but we humans need walls to push back on and the ability to choose egress- or ingress (depending on your point of view).
     Does all of this sound a bit too philosophical?
     Maybe it is- for a humanoid.
     But if your my feline- it’s simply elemental, my dear Watson…

simply elemental.

Ben has always installed cat doors in every home.
This is the latest incarnation.
Quite elegant I think.

These steps were originally made by Ben to assist
an aged cat.
Let’s call it a Kitty Handicap ramp.


  • deeprooted - Very élegant! I also love the kitty handicap ramp, so thoughtful! Our cat(s)forever just have a square opening my grandfather had sawn into the shed where our garden tools are…if they are not back in time before the front door closing! 😉ReplyCancel

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