Southern Exposure


     Let me just say, right up front, that I apologize to all of my snowed- in friends, for the feelings of envy, and hair-pulling tantrums they are about to exhibit as a result of this post.
     The weather down here in New Orleans is fantastic!
     I am prepping my gardens.
     I am wearing gardening clogs, and shorts.
     When I’m in my car, the radio is up full blast with all the windows down.
     The Confederate Jasmine are perfuming the night air- I know, because the french doors are open as I watch Downton Abby, with the sound of our courtyard fountain gurgling in the background (my house, not the Earl of Grantham’s).
     The daffodils I planted (under stealth in my next door neighbors front patch of dirt) are beginning to sprout. 
     This weekend the city is hosting the Super Bowl and next week will be a feast of parades, and balls, and cocktails for Mardi Gras.
     Life is Good…



  • Cheryl - you ROCK Cheryl!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Harper - I’m really really jealous of you right now, not even because of the heat, but because of the Super BowlReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Hi Rachel! Nice to have you aboard!
    Yesterday was CRAZY around here- we didn’t attend the Super Bowl at the Super Dome, but we could here the commotion from our home, and had to deal with all our visitors. I’m exhausted. And now…. Mardi Gras! Wish me luck.ReplyCancel

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