Sunday Mornings

     Sunday Mornings.
     Oh, the sweet words of bliss (and Fleetwood Mac).
     We often jump out of bed on Sundays (well, ‘jump’ might be a stretch) with an appetite for a hearty breakfast.
     Ben makes a GREAT breakfast- Eggs done just perfect. Swedish pancakes with real maple syrup (we’re from Northeast Ohio after all).  Toast buttered with a smear of lemon curd. Bacon- lots of it. Hash browns crispy around the edges.
     But sometimes our edges are a bit crispy so we opt to eat out.
     Last weekend, we wound our way through the French Quarter on the hunt for a table.
     No luck (Krewe du Vieux had paraded the night before and hangovers were recovering everywhere).
     I had heard of a new place in the Bywater- just across Esplanade.
     We plugged it into the GPS and off we went.
     But we couldn’t find it.
     Shirley, our GPS matron, recalculated. 
     “It should be right here!” 
     “I’m not seeing it!”
     “What do you want to do? Go home?”
     “Yes. I’ll make something.”
     “No way. I’m hungry now!”
     “It’s not here.”
     “Yes it is. We just can’t find it.”
     “My point exactly.”
     “Wait! What’s that? Pull over.”
     “But there’s no sign.”
     “The doors are open. Someone must be home.”
     “Cheryl, they don’t have a sign!”
     “I’ll just go peek in the windows. Maybe I can find someone!”
     Eye roll. 
     Door opened. 
     Husband pulling away to park as far down the street as he can go to dissociate with possible awkward moment brought on by overly zealous wife (but is it far enough is the question?) 
     “Oh this is nice! Are you? You are! Wonderful! Table for two? By the window? Yes! Fabulous! Are you still serving breakfast? Yes? And lunch? Stupendous! Can I have my eggs done any way I want? Anyway? Just amazing! Oh yes, that table would be just fine! Well thank you, I’ll start with a Bloody Mary. What’s that you say? Am I expecting a second person? I am…

we just have to see how long it takes him to catch on.”


Prime Grille
Sort of Williamsburg meets French Quarter secretly dating NYC on the side.
Open only four months and going gangbusters!


A delicious menu, very attentive service
and smart atmosphere.

3162 Dauphine
corner of Louisa

This is but one of their charming areas. 

No sign- yet- but look for the great color!


  • deeprooted - What a nice place! These colours, the beautiful tiny coutyard….that should be a reminder to all of us to (carefully) look around corners, dig a little deeper ;)! And the food looks really good! Totally worth being a bit ‘zealous’!
    Oh, and I just loved ‘sort of Williamsburg meets French Quarter secretly dating NYC on the side’ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - I’m always peeking around corners! How else to find secrets?ReplyCancel

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