The Fruits of My Kingdom


The last of the winter veggies-
small tomatoes, turnips, and a baby cabbage.
I smell a flash pan stir-fry!

     This past season I let my itty-bitty courtyard garden tell me what to do.
     I followed it’s lead- so to speak.
     Being from the Midwest, I’m used to putting a garden to ‘bed’ in October (pulling, cutting, mulching, and forgetting about it) but last October (2012), here in New Orleans, I planted a root crop in the pots- and one more tomato
     I know- I’m a thrill seeker.
     But it was sunny, and mild, and I have a sort of micro-climate between the brick walls that holds heat and braces from the wind.
     I didn’t water, or fertilize, or play music to them. 
     I just let them be.
     “You have been loyal”, said the Queen to her subjects.
     “We have fought the good fight, these past many months, against the onslaught of fungus, and the marauding horn worm invaders”,
     “I release you from the stringent rules of engagement”, her Magnificence announced, “to go forth and multiply.”
      And like all grateful serfs, they brought me a bushel to honor my benevolence.
     Today I gathered the last of my spoils…

’cause it’s great to be
of the Veggies! 


  • deeprooted - There is something very similar to our homes and gardening style Cheryl: not only the brick walls (which really are wonderful in retaining the heat) but also the ‘letting be’part…Congratulations of your fine winter harvest! I wish I could have tried the same, but it simply isn’t the same climate in northern europe!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Thank you Petra! I’m just now beginning to replant for a spring harvest. You’ve got to LOVE this southern climate of ours! Also, just left a comment on your blog. Hoping to talk with you soon.ReplyCancel

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