The Right of ‘Reschedule’

     The Holidays are a crazy time of year.
     In late 2012, for example, Ben and I got back (from a trip to somewhere?), just in time to run to CVS, buy 50%-off candy, dress up in a sexy kitten outfit (me) and hand out treats on Halloween (with the ever vocal accompaniment of Princess Luna, at my side all night, slutting it up for the neighbors-she is not afraid of anything- other cats, dogs, or drunk men).
     Three weeks in, and off to the Northern Reaches Of The Universe (otherwise known as Northeast Ohio) to commune with the family over a hunk of Meleagris (with sides), and raise a glass to a year of heavy personal losses. 
     One week later, we’re off to Mexico, to enjoy the frivolity of a warm pacific surf, and the warm embrace of ‘new’ family. 
     But this puts me a week behind in Christmas prep- and I’m ‘quilting’!
     No party at APleasantHouse.
     No Revillion at Hermes.
     I just can’t get it together.
     I’ve earned the right of the ‘reschedule’.  
     And RESCHEDULE I do.
     Bonnie, Peter, Ben, and I religiously get together at least once a month to sup at a new New Orleans restaurant. 
     This December- not so much.
     We RESCHEDULED for lunch- pre-Christmas, instead. 
     Nothing says, ‘forget your troubles, raise a glass to what’s important, eat & be ‘Merry’ like a lunch at a grocery store.
     But not just any grocery store. This is New Orleans, after all.
     La Petite Grocery is a study in urban renewal that doesn’t reinvent the ‘Wheel’, so much as it reinvents the ‘Purpose’. 
     Founded as the Central Tea, Coffee and Butter Depot, in late 1800’s, across from the bustling Central Market (now our Police Precinct) in the upriver area of the Garden District, an enterprising young man named Frank Mackie, bought the building to provide a ‘speciality shop’, complimenting the ‘basics’ found at the the ‘Common Market’ across the street.  
     A generation later, and in the hands of son Richard Mackie (an accomplished jazz musician) the family found good music, but not so much business, and sold it to the dutch Von de Haar family, which tried to make a go of it (liverwurst not so popular).
     A short life as a flower shop saw it’s windows being boarded in 2000, and reopened in 2004 as the place where Bonnie gave me a magic stick for Christmas (later post) and invented a new drink- champagne with a splash of Amaretto- here forth known as ‘The Bonnie’ (until we can come up with a better name). 
     After a glass, or two, my Bonnie circumvented the ocean and flew directly down the Mississippi…

     ‘Clean-up at aisle 2!’.
Sparkling Champagne
 with a splash of Amaretto

The grilled Black Grouper
garnished with pickled radish and caper.

The La Petite Grocery
Bacon- Egg- Lettuce- Tomato

Raw Oysters (of course)
with the classics-
horseradish, cocktail sauce, & a vingar scallion reduction.
Oh my!

A Vintage photograph
* notice butter at 55cents per pound.

The same view- today!

La Petite Grocery
4238 Magazine Street
New Orleans


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