A Bicycle Built For Two

     As some of you may know, Ben and I try to dine at a new restaurant at least once a month.
     This is not a hard task in New Orleans.
     Or, maybe it is?
     Because of the sheer number of eateries, the ‘rock star’ following of chefs, the demanding pallets of customers (if your not good- your out), a culture that’s very foundation is ‘eat-drink-be happy’, the amazing private caterers and parties, not to mention trying to live a life, and you can see the conundrum.
     There are just so many (sorry everyone else in America).
     Why, you can even live a few blocks away and bicycle past everyday, and not have it on your radar.
     But, then your eye catches a glimpse of a charming single shotgun house, covered in soft yellow, with a sparkling chandelier hanging in the mirror- and a menu posted- you brake, and toe-tap the kickstand, and sing…

 “Daisy. Daisy. Give me your answer do.”

Bistro Daisy
5831 Magazine St.
Interior shot through the window.

Try the Pimms Cup No.1 with a twist!

5831 Magazine Street


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