An Appetite For Desire

      Tennessee Williams wrote some of my favorite stories:
      ~The Glass Menagerie- Faded southern belle abandoned by husband raising two ‘special’ children, a son who hates his small town and writes poetry compulsively, and a daughter that is an invalid with a collection of miniature glass animals that she creates a fantasy life around, whereby an ‘arranged’ suitor accidentally breaks the unicorn and the family goes into a tailspin, after desert is served.
     ~Cat On a Hot Tin Roof- ‘legends in their own minds’ southern family copes with what to do about inheritance money, and the possible homosexual tendencies of their aging alcoholic football star son and his sexually deprived young wife, over Mint Juleps and candied pecans.
     ~ Suddenly Last Summer- Young poor relation of prominent New Orleans family goes insane trying to come to terms with her homosexual cousin’s death by cannibalism at the hands of local boys whose sexual favors he sought, using her to attract the young men, and plying them with raw oysters.
     ~ Night of the Iguana- De-frocked minister, and recent mental patient, obtains employment as a tour director for a seedy Mexican hotel and is torn between his love/hate relationship with God, sensual widow-owner of the hotel, stoic (but gorgeous) spinster, and under-aged Lolita (who is accompanied by her lesbian voice teacher) while they gorge on roast chicken and tequila.
     ~ A Streetcar Named Desire- Fading southern belle with a penchant for young boys, escapes to New Orleans to visit her masochistic sister and misogynistic husband where she continues to juggle her illusions of grandeur with the realities of being a pedophile only to be raped by her brother-n-law and sent to the local insane asylum but not before a glorious meal in the French Quarter with hypocrite suitor.
     Do you see a trending theme?
     So the next time your in New Orleans, venture down to the Quarta’ past the crazy menagerie of prominent old southern families accompanied by their ‘special’ cousin, brother of Aunt Suzette, who ran away with the alcoholic son of the King of Carnival, to a beach in Mexico and was never seen again, has you hear a sermon throbbing through the windows of a Voodoo palace, and you smell Eggs Napoleon wafting through the air from a frypan atop a hot tin roof shingle.
     Because, whoever you are, we have always depended…

on the kindness of strangers.

Wonderful gourmet bagged lunches- to go!
547 St. Ann’s
-on Jackson Square.

Gumbo- Caesar Salad-Garlic Toast
Perfect with an iced tea, all bagged and ready to enjoy in the park.

They have a full service bar-
if your so inclined.
Remember, you can imbibe on our streets!


upscale wife
Just a few blocks away- and fabulous!

  • Rachel Harper - This all looks AMAZINGReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Oh, you should have been there! The gumbo was sinful- just the way I like it- with a swirl of red wine.
    Thanks again Rachel for the comment!ReplyCancel

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