Carolina Crazy Clouds

     I’ve just returned from a ‘gal-get-away’ to my Bonnie (and her husband Peter’s) vacation home in Cashiers, North Carolina.
     We ate, and napped, and talked, and laughed, and shopped- with a little wine thrown in.
     Bonnie and I were at our finest- great friends who aren’t afraid to say anything to each other.
     Here are but two of our ‘gems’:
     On my first night, she warned me of the mysterious night air which sucks the power from all electronic devices.
     “What the hell are you talking about?”
     “It’s something in the air. It really drains things”
     “Like what? My ability to hike up that freakin’ mountain without having a heart attack?”
     “No. You’ll be fine. I’ll drag you down if I have to. More like cell phones”
     “Well I’d charge my phone anyways, so I guess I’m covered”
     “Yes, but the air is like a vampire. Things are just dead in the morning”
     “Like a ‘Vampire’?”
     “What would make the night air any more conducive to draining batteries then any other time of day?”
     “It’s some kind of night ozone or something”
     “Bonnie, I taught science for several years and I can assure you nothing you’ve just said is even remotely accurate”
     “I don’t know…” 
     My cell phone was dead the next morning.
     I’m now wiping it down with garlic.
     A few days later a trip to town saw us deep inside a favorite antique shop.
     As our purchases were being tallied by a very mathematically-challenged salesperson (I actually added my own receipt and calculated the tax) Bonnie took a load-off on a lovely nearby chair. She was told that the seat was the favorite resting spot of the resident King Charles Cavalier Spaniel- who sheds.
     After taking a few minutes for this information to properly settle in (she was ogling a burlwood butler tray with sterling handles- is there any other kind?) Bonnie stood, turned her black yoga-panted behind to me and said,
     “Is my butt white?”
     “Why yes it is, but you still have fur on your pants.”
     OK, Enough about our sparkling conversation.
     On to the PROPERTY.
     The house sits perched on the side of a steep incline, dotted with rhododendron (in late winter repose), with the first slices of green stemmed crested dwarf irises poking through frosted ivy, and huge outcroppings of mica dusted granite slabs toasted warm in the late afternoon sun (if you’ve got a mind to sit your buns down and take a load off- I did).
     This all leads, by way of a stone walkway, down to a crystal clear rapids-running-river that is the edge of the property.
     Sounds amazing- right?
     But wait!
     Look up, and you’ll see the snow-covered crown of Chimney Top Mountain, eagles gliding on late winter warmed thermals of air, and a night sky that casts shadows (are there really that many stars?)
     So, this begs the question:
     “Is there such a thing as Heaven on Earth?”
     I’d have to answer, “yes”, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and as luck would have it, my Bonnie owns a piece.
     Second question:
     Since I’m not real sure if I’ll be given the keys to the Pearly Gates… 

     I wonder if Cloud No.9 is for sale?
    It might be as close as I get.
I’m sure Bonnie will visit.

A bend in the  Horsepasture River-
with sweet Maddie on the look-out (left)

This is their backyard.
Crystal clear water.

One of several swimming holes on their property.
Bonnie wanted to ‘dip-in’ which confirms my belief
that she is crazy.

GORGEOUS stone steps (I think I counted upwards of 70+)
that lead from the house to the rivers edge.

This is a view of their rapids.
The Horse Pasture River is lined with small sandy beaches
that are capped by naturalized rhododendron and sweet heather.
I can’t wait ’till spring!
(Bonnie doesn’t know I’m coming yet- does she have too, I wonder?)

Another view of the rapids.

Morning frosted Cedars.
Absolutely beautiful.


  • Ruchira Khanna - wow…Cheryl.

    the pix are beautiful. I am J that you are living around such beautiful landscape…how calm your mind would be, my friend 🙂

    Following ya!

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Hi Ruchira,
    Thanks! I actually don’t live there (my friend has a holiday house and I was visiting) but it really is beautiful, and my mind is only calm half the time. HahahReplyCancel

  • Tamra Graver - WOW, your pictures are outstanding. Thank you for sharing them.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Hi Tamra! Your so welcome. Thank YOU for taking a look. I hope to hear from you again and hope you follow along the crazy train I call my life!ReplyCancel

  • Terrye Toombs - You were actually able to tear yourself away from this place?! 🙂 Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Hi Terrye!
    Yes, I had to come home, but I can visit anytime I want to. However- even this beautious place has it’s challenges (check out my posts for the week) and thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

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