Celebrating Bivalve Molluscs

     Here’s the deal with our wedding anniversary- we never remember it.
     Why it’s in January, I don’t know. 
     Ben says it was because it was the first date we could book for the new year (many years ago).
     I always thought it was about taxes (this makes no sense).
     The facts are that it falls after the exhaustion of the end-of-year, and beginning-of-year holidays, during a month that has little day light and which I am collecting tax information, around the pile of seed catalogs that I’m devouring, and preparing for Mardi Gras (add a baby shower I threw for a friend on the 17th this year) and you see what I mean.
     One year, I didn’t remember until a grad school college professor asked each one of his students what was an important date in their lives, and since I was the oldest and the only one married (Oops!). 
     And it was the end of February. 
     This year we did good and remembered the day after!
     Ben hoped for an uninterrupted afternoon in front of the big screen. 
     I wanted oysters.   
     We split the difference…

and had oysters.

Is there a more glorious sight?

Hard at work-
feeding me.
I had two dozen!

The best Raw Bar in Town!
Pascal’s Manale
1838 Napoleon Ave.


  • Dani Ryan - HAHAHAHAHA!

    A couple of months before we got married, The Hubs got a call from an old friend. As they were catching up, he mentioned he was engaged and I heard, “Yup, it’s true man, I’m getting married. When? September 2nd.”

    When he got off the phone, I said, “By the way? The wedding is August 31st. I hope you make it!’

    My biggest problem is remembering the year. So I guess we both suck. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Good story! I quilted a blanket a few years later with the date of our marriage and dates of the kid’s births. I can’t tell you how often we’ve had to refer to the QUILT to see how many years we’ve been married. So funny!!! THANKS FOR THE COMMENT DANI!ReplyCancel

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