A Bloggers Journey- Lesson 2

     Beginning yesterday, I am sharing my journey as a novice blogger celebrating my one year anniversary!
     Exciting isn’t it! (I know your holding your breath).
     My first bit of advice would be to actually read blogs ’cause you don’t want to show up at a party in stilettos only to find out it’s a clam bake on the beach (see: Lesson 1). Or maybe you do, but then I think there’s another kind of Internet articulation you might be more skilled at.
     Which brings me to…
Lesson 2
Decide What You Want To Be
     I have a problem. 
     Maybe it’s more of a challenge. 
     I’m interested in A LOT of things- gardening, cooking, entertaining, crafting, decorating, traveling, investing, renovating real estate, art, politics, history, writing, reading, my kids, and my husband (most of the time). *You’ll notice I never once mentioned health and/or fitness. glug-glug-glug
     Before you start to write, anything, for anyone, you need to decide what you will author, who is your audience, why would they care? Will you make consistent contributions, or sporadic? Instructional or motivational? What will your ‘voice‘ sound like? How much of ‘you‘ do you want ‘them‘ to know.
     Here’s the thing: I think most people are like me- with many interests, but blogs tend to have a ‘theme’. The authors stay on message. You blog about parenting. Only. You blog about cooking. Only.
You blog about corvettes. Period. 
     This has been very difficult for me.
     My first few months of posts were about plants, gardens, and the occasional pest. Maybe a recipe or two with a cat thrown in for comedy. 
     It was March and the living was easy.
     But then it got hot and the flowers wilted, and I got bored (how many times can you speak with authority about the same Hibiscus rosa-sinenis?)
     And then there’s the question of ‘to Art or not to Art’? (Will you include images?)
     I knew I wanted to include photography- mine (You don’t need real experience do you? Don’t these new cameras take care of that kink for you?)
     I found myself diverting from my original idea and posting about places, and food, and then finally… me (But in a non-committal way. Just a mention, like a character walking through a scene).
     Well, this wasn’t working either. 
     God Damn it! Who am I?
     In short, here are my answers to my own questions:
1) What will I author?
     A blog about my life in New Orleans, at middle age, with cats I bath instead of children (they’re grown). All of it. Every damn thing that happens.
2) Who is my audience?
     Well, I know my family follows along… and a few of you.
3) Why would they care?
     I don’t know really? And I don’t care. It’s mutual.
4) Consistency in posting?
     I post every week day (Unless on vacation, then I’m post-free, but gathering content- jeez! Does it ever end?) At the beginning it was seven day a week. Too much. I have a life- sort of.
5) Instructional/Motivational? 
     How about Instrumotidontgiveashital?
6)  What is my voice?
     It began as sweet and quiet. 
     That stranger is now, often times, locked in my spare tire trunk.
7) How much of ‘you’ do you want to reveal?
     Believe me, people can smell a fake. 
     No matter who you are, be real. 
     My real is a bit of a smart ass.
     And she loves  to blogblogblogblahbla…
     Let yourself evolve- though I know this is difficult for humans, especially men.
     Who cares if you get rich and famous? (Remember that writers are horribly underpaid and only become famous after they die- so you’ve got one covered).
      And, finally, be grateful that, on top of all of the other priorities in your life, with not a second to spare, your ass widening by the second, and dark spots showing up magically after each visit to the beach, you’ve got me…

to keep it real.





  • Stephanie Sprenger - Oh, that was hilarious and wonderful! #5 got a big laugh from me! I definitely relate to your conundrum of defining your audience, theme, etc, and I’m not sure I have it right yet. In fact, I’m quite sure that I don’t. Congrats on your anniversary and beautifully refined vision! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Your such a delight Steph! I love hearing from you. I hope you continue to check in daily- I visit you every morning with a cup-o-tea! Have a great night.ReplyCancel

  • Roshni AaMom - Happy anniversary! I can so well relate to this, because I started off as a parenting blog but I suddenly want to add info about myself!!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Hi Roshni! Evolution is a beyotch!!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - First off, you have redefined the one year anniversary post into something interesting. I think your personality shines through and you have found your voice. If I had known I would have to face these questions when I started blogging, I would not have done it.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Sue I can’t imagine a universe w/o housekaboodle! Sometimes NOT KNOWING is the key. I think you have one of the most unique niche blogs out there. I haven’t seen anyone else like you! So happy we’ve met. xxooReplyCancel

  • DeeConstructed - Who the hell are you {and why am I just now finding you??}Congratulations! You’ve just scored yourself a new stalker. Lucky you. ~ DeeReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - Why I’m Cheryl the Magnificent! I am myself a stalker who is currently stalking you! Love your stuff! Glad to have you onboard. I hope to hell to hear from you again.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I am the most happy to meet you too x100.ReplyCancel

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