A Bloggers Journey- Lesson 3

     Today we will further speak of blogging Grasshopper (see: Lesson 2).
     We are at Day Three in my attempt to impart wisdom from a virgin blogger (me- I know it’s a stretch) to you- a grasshopper.
     It began with an inspiration and ego, which lead to a perilous journey through the forest of blog blabber, whilst experiencing Internet fatigue and buckets of wine, only to get but a step further on my long ago foretold path to crazy.
     All meaningful ventures are a winding road of google searches and stable Internet platforms, creating quasi-legitimate relationships with some truly whiny people, and filtering out the porn.
     At least for me.
Lesson 3
     I began my blog, posting about my itty-bitty courtyard garden.
     I still do, but not exclusively.
     I began my blog, with a promise to not be mean.
     I still hold that as my standard- if I don’t have anything nice to say- I shut-up (Thank you Pa)
     I began my blog with a sweet voice (for me) and an energized bent towards hoping others would find New Orleans as fascinating as I do.
     They do.
     I began my blog thinking I would discuss one topic, and have evolved to many topics because I can’t keep a lid on it!
     It’s called EVOLUTION people! Evolution of a Blog! Of a person.
     Seriously, who can begin anything at the top of their game, knowing all, having fine-tuned the engine, with no kinks? Really?
     On my first day, I called the kids, and TOLD them to log on.
     I had eight pageviews (every one accounted for).
     Today, I’ve received thousands of pageviews, from multiple sources and countries.
     I’ve uploaded posts almost everyday (with artwork, thank you very much), and have sassy followers from across varied social networks- with no monetizing!!! (see: Lesson 5 on Friday).
     Except, there are still mountains to be scaled. I have not lanced the dragon (This sounds off. Is the never ending flow of twitter porn cloudy my verse?), and, dare I say, broken through the bloggerverse of goddesses that are the Plexiglas ceiling of the future?
     And they know how to clean- in heels.
     I’m screwed.
     Advise: (to self)
     Just continue to spout your little spits, and snap your little pic’s, and get older, and maybe gray (no, that’s not going to happen), and eat and drink, and exercise irregularly, and laugh at your family (they laughed first), and…

hope you’ll evolve with me.



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