A Bloggers Journey-Lesson 4

     In the never-ending wisdom I am spewing this week, in celebration of apleasanthouses’s One Year Anniversary, today’s biscuit will be about Blogger Guilt.
Lesson 4
How To Not Succumb To Guilt Of Any Kind (unless you kill someone or cheat on your spouse- then, have-at-it).
     As I surf the ‘net’, I empathize with the women who opine about feeling guilty concerning the amount of time they spend writing, editing, and promoting their blogs- and yet they Blog on- confessing their lack of interest in making dinner, or leaving their young ones in a wet diaper for too long, or never getting out of yoga pants (for the class they will inevitably miss).
     Gals- this is called the big boat of Motherhood. 
     Welcome Aboard.
     Flashback 1996: Two children under the age of ten. One that is constantly taking everything apart,  
     “Chase! Why are we suddenly getting all the Premium channels on cable and the big green metal box on the street corner is in parts on the grass?”, 
and the other with the mortifying ability to climb anything, 
     “Kids. Time for lunch. Where are you?” 
     “Mommy”, small voice from high above.
     “Holy Shit!”me, looking up, (wrong move)
     “HOLY SHIT!!” in a voice I had never heard before, looking up-up-up at my three year old baby girl petting her cat on the top rung of the three-story ladder the idiot carpenters had left up while working on the roof.
     “Don’t move sweetie!”
     “Mommy’s coming to get you even though she’ll probably faint on the way up, hates heights, and wants to beat the cat right about now, so DON’T MOVE!”, as the other child was beelining to his daddy’s toolbox,
“Chase,(fourth rung) Mommy is asking you nicely (15th rung) to put the reciprocating saw down (almost there) and step away from her car!”
     Gottcha! The hell with the cat- they land on their feet. 
     This, my friends, is only the tip of the iceberg. 
     I have many more harrowing tales of near misses, tired blind eyes turned, cupcakes not baked for classroom birthday parties, late pick-ups (or no pick-ups at all), dinners from a can, a husband working out of town every week who comes home on Friday’s and attempts to ‘lay-the-law-down’ (not).
     I had my sister, mother, sister-n-law’s, mother-n-law to share with, and three girlfriends ‘in the same situation’. 
     No internet.
     No cellphones.
     No Twitter or Facebook.
     We all made it- doing no harm.
     So will you.
     And you have so many more listening.
     Frozen food is delicious
     Kiss the Hubby…

     Shave your legs


  • deeprooted - I enjoyed this one! And thought: more stories!! I’ll definitively stay tuned….in the meantime: HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Chastain - I needed this today. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Diana @ Nanny to MommyReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - Oh my God your welcome. I hope it’s just another moment of
      Mommy/Blogger/ Wife/ Sister/ Aunt/ Employee/ Neighbor/ Community Organizer/ Doctor/ Lawyer/ Maid/ Driver/ Dishwasher kind of day? Amen.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Thank You Petra! I’m holding my breath waiting for your next installement.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Okay, you got me, I am going to shave my legs today. When I see a post from you I think…open Pleasant House first to start my day and never disappointed.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Well, aren’t you a sweetheart. Thanks kaboodle!ReplyCancel

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