A Bloggers Journey- Lesson 5

    Today is the last day of my week of reflection and wisdom (aren’t ya glad your following along ’cause ya need the wisdom part- right?)
     It’s been quite a journey- this blogging trip. And there’s so much more to learn.
     I began blogging because I saw an article about one particular gardening blog- checked it out- thought I could do this-  I ‘SHOULD’ do this- and jumped in- blind.
     Classic (one of my strong suits has always been crashing a party like I got the invitation hand delivered).
     I started writing about my itty-bitty courtyard garden, sprinkled with a few cats anecdotes, my frequent restaurant experiences, and the overall Crazy of living in New Orleans.
     Well enough- for a while.
     My kids checked-in every day. I could account for every view.
     But, then, I wanted… MORE.
     Lesson 5
     Be Real, Be Able, Be Willing
     1) Not writing with my ‘real’ voice was getting in my way. That’s not to say I’m not sweet (?) but this person who was trying to please everyone was too much work. You’d think that this was a lesson I’d already learned by being a highly motivated borderline perfectionist of a wife and mother for the last 30+ years- but, NO, I had to remind myself again that this is not a reasonable goal. I’m flawed but fabulous.
     2) We have a foster son who told me once he wanted to be a writer. 
     I asked him if he could write? (I’d never seen anything he’d ever written because he came to us exiting High School).
     He said why of course he could and he was good!
     OK. Let me see something.
     Well, everything was in a file, or in his trunk, or he’d lost it.
     mommy silence
     Do you write a journal?
     No, I don’t have time. But I like music!
     OK, sweetie. I want you to consider that just because you like to read doesn’t mean you can write.
     And if you want to be a writer, you should actually write– like, everyday.
     3) Feeling willing is easy, but being willing- actually doing it, is another matter.
     You’ve got to make the time (like we have any to spare), and not cry when you sit in front of your computer screen and nothing comes out, or your kid’s are screaming for No God Damn Good Reason and the neighbors are leaning out of their windows shaking their heads, or when a police officer knocks on the door and says he was called to investigate a disturbance (that never happened…), or the Husband shows up for a fly-through and wants nooky, dinner, and clean laundry (’till death do us part gets a lot closer). All of these moments are going to happen and you still need to be willing- to write, communicate, express your passion- and make the time, deal with the frustration, and believe your good enough.
      Be Real- it’s not just one thing, it’s all of you, every complicated, zingy, secretly slutty thing you are. And it will change. Dear God, it will change.
     Be Able- You actually have to be able to write- a sentence. Practice. Read. Practice some more.
     Be Willing– This is the hard part. Just wanting something doesn’t make it so. If not now- maybe later. If never- that’s OK too. 
     I wanted to be an International Lawyer, a songwriter, and an architect. 
     I didn’t have the focus for Law, couldn’t read music, and was challenged at math.
     Oh well.
     I became a graphic designer- short-lived magazine editor- stay at home mom- science teacher- house flipper. 
     How’s that for finding my way through the…

That’s me- the bright star in the middle.

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