A Farm is Cheaper Than a House

     Spring has Sprung in New Orleans and I’ve got the bug- gardening bug (I’m feeling fine).
     The flower bed has been raked.
     The Roses have been pruned.
     The Clematis has a new path to climb.
     The fertilizer has been dug in.
     The veggie pots are… I can’t stand the pots. There are too many of them and their different shapes and materials look like a girl going to prom in her sneakers with a piece of tissue stuck to the heel and a seriously bad zit on her chin.
     That bad.
     “Ben. I can’t stand the look of the garden!”
     “I think it looks fine.”
     “Fine? Can’t you see the mess? Nothing looks organized and I don’t have enough planting space! I’m bumping into everything and I can’t grow enough vegetables! I need carrots! I need brussel sprouts! We have to eat! My life is ruined.”
     “Well, maybe you need more pots.”
     Insert: silent wife laser-eye stare
     “Pots I don’t need. I NEED space! Buy me a weekend house across the lake with a yard and birds.”
     And so it was, boys and girls, that eight beautiful cedar-lined elevated garden boxes showed up at my door, were magically assembled by fairies, and placed in a torrential down pour.
     It was Ben’s idea to put on the castors…

     He’s so smart.

Purchased through
The Gardener’s Supply Co.
Stayed Tuned!

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  • Sue - I am going to try saying….”I Need Space” and see what I get, cuz it seemed to work like magic for you.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - I terrified him- an additional cottage property for 200k or $1500 of garden trugs. He did the math! Bahahahah GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!ReplyCancel

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