Candlesticks and Pirates

     A few weeks back, when our daughter Bryn was visiting, ‘said’ daughter and I wanted to find something fun to do (which isn’t really hard in New Orleans).
     We went outside and threw a stone.
     It landed at the doorstop of a historic home tour.
     We purchased tickets, sauntered past groups of newbies that cling to every dull and silly suggestion (“These tables are made of rosewood, and have been in the family for over 20 years, before which they are purported to have been in the possession of the pirate Lafitte”- OMG), and proceeded to smile at the clever solutions of women long ago gone (a built-in food steamer that was part of the original kitchen was sort of like the colonial microwave oven of it’s time).
     We shared notes (which means we shouted each other’s names across long rooms), assessed the success of blended modern amenities, and critiqued the ever-present home tour faux pas’:
     Me: “Bryn, look at this! It’s gorgeous!”
     Bryn: “Cheryl. Mom… Cheryl!”
     Me: “What?”
     Bryn: (eye roll)”When you get a minute I’d like to show you something.”
     Me: “OK. But first, have you seen the china?”, pulling me onward.
     Bryn: “Look at the candlesticks. Why don’t they straighten them up before a tour? I’m so confused”.
     Me: “I know. The world t’is a confusing and mysterious place in which a ramrod straight candle is a bit of a life well lived.”
     Bryn: “So sad.”
     Me: “Sad indeed. A lesson for you my lass. Always remember to keep your sticks straight and your grandmother’s 1940’s reproduction rosewood end knobbies polished. They may end up being sold for a pirates ransom someda’.”

“You’re so weird.”

A converted double shotgun home.
Only one of the front doors is used.

Fabulous vine covered ancillary quarters.
Probably originally for slaves and then later for house staff.

A charming example of taking a very small space (probably originally a hallway)
and re-purposing it’s use.
These old homes had separate kitchens not attached to the main house.

Beautiful front facade of another home on the tour.

The back courtyard of the house pictured above.

Midnight at the Oasis- or day time- whatever.

Another back courtyard with a shuttered gallery above.

Can get me one of these?



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