Partying With The Pope

     A week, or so, back, I dragged my husband to an opening night fete (not to be confused with ‘fit’ though that was present also), Portrait of Faith: John Paul II; His Life & Art, showcasing artifacts that were used/touched/adored by God’s representative on Earth, during his visit to the flock in New Orleans 25 years ago (full disclosure: a friend of mine was one of the sponsors). 
     It was curated at the New Orleans Museum of Art (and coincidentally took place on the first day of the conclave for election of a new Pope except there are no coincidences, which leaves me to believe that maybe I should have been in Rome speeding up the process), but I digress.
     It was a lovely affair, full of Sunday Catholics, and Cardinals, and an Archbishop, or two. 
     I had never been around so many chaste men that drank so much, told off-color jokes, and looked really good in red.
     But, then again, I was in blue with a halo hovering above…

or they would have had some stiff competition.

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An alter piece,
created from donated jewels and precious metals
from the faithful of New Orleans.
It was seriously gorgeous!

One of several beautiful bouquets adorning the grand stairs.

That’s me, in the back, in the blue-
with wings.

New Orleans Museum of Art

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  • The Desert Rocks - The year after Katrina we went to New Orleans for Easter mass. It was a long drive to St. Louis Cathedral but worth every minute. Things were still in shambles along the way and throughout the town but we wanted to pray with the locals because Easter means re-birth and they needed all the prayers they could get! Are your wings blue too?ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - Ben and I moved here the summer after Katrina. We wanted to be part of the rebirth. We have attended both Easter and Xmas mass at St. Louis Cat. Beautiful and meaningful. That you came for the Easter in the aftermath is simply stunning. Extraordinary people from all over the world have done extraordinary work here over the past several years. Sharing a mass with New Orleans is surely on of them. I am so touched by your story and your effort, so on behalf of all of us- thank you- and our wings come in many colors.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I somehow did not see this post. I have no doubt you have wings, and love the beautiful photos. I believe this new Pope may really be something special.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - I do too. He’s already done several things I like: declined the Papel penthouse, walked the crowds instead of riding in limo, stopped to kiss both a severally mentally disabled person and a dog, paid his own bill at his hotel, wants to cook his own food, etc. He may set the kind of example I think the the Vatican needs. And my wings are both high style and function- I use them to fly all over the place.ReplyCancel

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