Barely Begging

     So I don’t LIKE to beg, but sometimes, a gal’s got to do, what a gal’s got to do.
     Here’s the skinny:

     I just submitted four of my most spine-tingling-can’t-live-without posts in this years BlogHer’13 Voices of the Year Conference.

     I’m not sure I’m comfortable with putting this here- in this format- within the blog, but I want to reach EVERYONE I CAN because… 

I Need Your Votes!

In the OP-Ed Category:
Slumdog Billionaires- How the Catholic Church influences neighborhoods, many times for the worst.
Woman as Art, Whore, and Madonna – Why do we value artists that misunderstand us?
In the Humor Category:
1-800-Jackass – The saga of clueless men.
In the Inspiration Category:
Empire Children & Jedi Mothers– How raising children is like planning a Star Wars defensive.

     Now, run along and vote…

early and often.

Thank you,
Your loving Candidate

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