Bobby Fischer for Dinner

      It was an unexceptional day.
     Blue skies and a gentle warm breeze.
     Doors open with the smell of jasmine mingled with the sound of police sirens.
     Bread rising in the bread machine because, well, I have a bread machine.
     Husband practicing his fly fishing moves in the street because he’s urban and we don’t have any wide-open green spaces within four feet of our front door.
     Neighbor asking how to change a light bulb. (Not really, but it was that stupid).
     Strangers asking what was growing in the itty-bitty courtyard garden and were not satisfied with “Tomatoes” but instead, desired a full-blown tour that included both the latin and common names. (OK, this wasn’t too bad ’cause I like to show-off).
     Homeless Johnny asking for money, yet again, because his father had died -yet again.
     Laundry in. Laundry out.
     All followed by a late lunch that was completed with the inevitable question,
    “What’s for dinner?”
    “I don’t know? What are you in the mood for?”
    “Oh, I don’t know? Anything.”
(pawn to d6)
    “Ok. How about chicken?”
(Bishop to f5)
    “Then what about pork?”
    “I had pork for lunch yesterday.”
(Castle crowns rook)
    “Humm. So then a pasta?”
    “No carbs. I’m not interested in carbs.”
(Knight to b2)
    “Fish then.”
    “You know I don’t like fish. I HATE fish!”
(pawn en passant- fancy name for I’m thinking of killing you)
    “Ok then. Beef. You want a steak don’t you?”
    “Well, grilling a steak would be great.”
(Bishop to c2)
    “So, why didn’t you just say that? Ten minutes ago.”
    “I was hoping you could come up with something special.”
(Knight takes Bishop)
    “Like what would be ‘special’ after 31 years and only three food groups to choose from?”
    “I figure you’ll come up with something.”

    Such a silly move in the chess game of marriage.
(Queen takes King)…

and we had seafood for dinner.


Mussel Stew
OMG it was delicious!
Ben had a steak.
Pity the Fool.
(see recipes)

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