Empire Children and the Jedi Mother

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…
     lived a young girl and boy.
     They were brother and sister, living on a planet called Earth with their parents. 
     They were asked to make their beds everyday and take out the trash.
     They accomplished these tasks well, even though they did not enjoy the labor.
     The parents of these ordinary children lived a seemingly ordinary life- rising at dawn to prepare meals and fill their car receptacles with gasoline before checking scholarly work sent the night before by the local academy, on their own way to toil at jobs which had devolved from dreams of youthful exuberance that would never be brought to fruition. 
     And yet, the young brother and sister were impatient with their lot. 
     Yes, they were clothed, and feed, and even taken to Europe once or twice, but they dreamed of a richer life, full of adventure, and expensive handbags, computer equipment, and the monetary supplementation that would afford them the luxury of ‘finding their unique path’ in designer jeans and leased cars.
     So, the day came, when they ventured out into the universe as members of the Rebel Alliance, traveling to foreign galaxies in search of their inner ‘Force’. 
     They met many new and intriguing creatures, like college professors that didn’t give a damn what they did the night before, and utility workers who could magically turn off their gas.
     These new experiences confused them and they were tempted to seek advise from the ‘Dark Side’ of others, but a small voice, from a wise (and, strangely half chipmunk/ half Border Terrier ) creature, kept getting in the way. 
     He called himself Yoda.  
     He had been secretly sent with the brother and sister, tucked in their Burberry luggage, by the parents, to remind them of the evolutionary wisdom of those that had come before.  
     The brother and sister listened, threw off the evil Lord Vader, and signed leases to room with Han Solo and a great guy named Chewbacca. 
     The parents were very happy- all that had been earlier predicted by the Grandfather King Harry, was coming to pass.
     It also didn’t hurt that their mother was a Jedi Master…

but that’s just between you and me.

A view from high atop the John Hancock Building in Chicago
on my recent visit to see the
Empire Daughter-
Princess Bryn.

Cocktails at the
Signature Room
95th floor

Empire Son
– Chase-
aka:Luke Skywalker
will show me his own views
in Gotham City next month!
Yes, the Jedi Mother gets around.

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