On This Site From 1815 to 1833 Nothing Happened

     Sometimes things happen on a specific piece of land that are important.
     Sometimes nothing important happened, but there’s something important on it.
     Sometimes what happened that was important, isn’t what I’m most interested in.
     Sometimes what’s not important is what’s important to me.

     Usually it’s all screwed-up.
     Just ask Ben.
     Or my kids.
     Or my sister (no wait-she totally gets this).
     Ok. Just Ben.
     He had to put-up with me again…

I needed a driver.

Malus-Beauregard Home
8606 West St. Bernard Ave.
Chalmette, LA
Built 1833 in French Colonial style later blended with
Greek Revival influences (architect unknown)
and used as a summer house
down river from New Orleans
until 1950’s.

An interior view through adjoining rooms.
The doors were unlocked so don’t get all bent out of shape.

Exterior staircase led to upper rooms. 

Original marble floor.

The house as seen across the battlefield of
The Battle of New Orleans
fought 1815.
Led by General Andrew Jackson and the pirate King Jean Lafitte.

The adjoining National Cemetery where,
oddly, there are only four soldiers who died in that
very battle buried.
Soldiers (and a few women) representing
wars from the Spanish-American to Vietnam are represented.

The Beautiful Gates

Even here, creeping Mallow flowers push through.

Moral: none of this is related.
It just exists on the same piece of land.

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  • William Kendall - The house itself looks odd… from that outside angle, but inside, those floors are something else.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - I had a shot at the house from the front, but it looked so typical that I thought I’d just show that odd side view, and the floors! To die for!!!!ReplyCancel

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