Peas & Carrots

     Sometimes, you get lucky and a last minute invitation turns out to the best night in your life.
     Sometimes, you get even more lucky, and that little number you’ve put at the back of the closet actually fits- again.
     Sometimes, the stars are frigging aligned, and you get a good night’s sleep, without an vino hangover.
     Sometimes, everything just goes together like Peas & Carrots.
     But, until that day comes, I’ll just cozy-up to a last minute invitation to, yet again, share another “Mountain Man who can live by his wits’ show with Ben, enjoy my larger, but pricier, new clothes, take an Ambien, and always eat my vegetables…

 with a side of Baby Earl.
Baby Earl gardening with Mommy,
nestled in the Carrot greens.
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