Dancing Around Love

     About a month ago, we (I) adopted a new little girl.
     Yes, we do that. We’re that kind of cool.
     She’s adorable, and sweet, and funny, not potty trained (yet) has a birth defect and she’s a cat.
     I’ll let my awesomeness spread over you for a sec.
     Her furry brothers, Willie and Earl, love her, and her Mommy takes her to bed for cuddles. 
     Her Daddy just keeps tossing his American Express on the counter and mumbling, “This is gonna cost me”, and then feeds her fresh fish from the fishmonger down the street because he’s convinced that that is what she really likes, and asks,”Where’s her favorite toy?” because she doesn’t have one but he thinks she does and I’m hiding it from her because that’s the kind of mind games I play, and “Did she have a good day today?” like any day lounging on a silk pillow with a saucer of milk by your side could be a bad day even if you do have a wonky back leg, and “Did she play today? Were the boys nice?” because maybe I should somehow have a conversation with Willie and Earl and explain to them that she’s ‘Special Needs’, and “When is her next appointment? I’m going.”
     Your going?
     “Of course I’m going?”
     “Of course. Like that’s a regular occurrence and I shouldn’t be questioning you?”
     “Let’s just say I’m interested.”
     “O….K…. And you’ll schedule around this?”
     “My schedule’s my own. I do what I want.”
     Of course you do…

Of course you do.
Little Miss Peg.
With her two appendages:
Only one is a tail.

Her back left leg doesn’t bend.
X-rays show her patella (kneecap)
is going in the wrong direction and she has atrophy of the ligaments
making them short and tight.
She will often just throw it up over her back and hop on three legs.
Here she is tired and playing laying down.
I do this often.


  • enchantedseashells.com - I knew you were awesome but when you did THIS it just confirmed that I’m right as usual. The greatest of karma to you for taking in a kitty that needed a loving home!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - That Karma thing is real – isn’t it (not really a question). She is our little gift and I’ll keep everyone posted (but you may be the only one who get’s it- that’s fine with me). XXXOOOOReplyCancel

  • Stacia Ellermeier - i just can’t stop laughing… reminds me of when my cat once broke his back leg and it was in a cast and it would flop all over the place when he thought he was good and healthy… only he wasn’t. it was hi-larious!! and your hubs wuvs her… 😉ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - Stacia- I just replied to your comment hitting the WRONG button, so I’m just giving you a heads-up that I did reply. Jesus- I need a drink.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Yes the hubs does wuv her. He’s such a macho man that way. We’ve been going to specialists to find an answer for her ‘needs’ and it turns out EVERYONE think the leg needs to be amputated. So, June 19th is the day. You know what I’ll be posting about….ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Oh my you and the hub have such big hearts. I like that about you and him. A lovely couple who share their awesome lives with a kitty in need. I am also very impressed that the boys get along with the new girl. I always picture fur flying when two cats meet. I look forward to more about Little Miss Peg! Love her colors too.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - I like a man with a big heart- as well as other things. And updates are, of course, food for fodder in this blog. Bahahaha!!!!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - She’s got you both wrapped around her paw, of course. As it should be.ReplyCancel

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