War Wins

     Can’t seem to live with them.
     Can’t seem to live without them.
     Why do we fight them?
     Answer: Over boundaries, resources, and atrocities, freedom and fears.
     Nothing ‘good’ happens out of them.
     Or maybe, it does.
     People band together, medical sciences advance, technology is tested, and logistics and diplomacy are fine-tuned. We, in essence, find our inner strength- and never more then during World War II.
     My father-n-law was a rifle marksman and flame-thrower in the Pacific theatre during those years. 
     He learned to live with less, follow orders, survive rabies, and come back alive, and here in New Orleans we have the distinct honor of housing the National World War II Museum, and it is fabulous (and hideous, and inspiring, and powerful).
     You should visit.
     But before you leave (and after you’ve toured the exhibits) take a load off at the Soda Shop, with an ice cream float, while the Juke Box plays, and Howard K. Smith leads the evening news on one of three television channels. 
     Oh yea, and visit Rosie in the garden…

You’ll be riveted by her victorious tomatoes.

The American Sector
National World War II Museum
On and around the intersection of
Andrew Higgins St. &

A gorgeous, environmentally friendly,
table top in fresh lime color.
It remains cool in the summer and doesn’t freeze in cool weather.
So smart. 

One of several buildings in the complex.

One wall of herbs in the Victory Garden which is open to the public
and used in the kitchens of the Museum.

Another corner of the Victory Garden.

One of several posters that adorn the warm brick walls that surround the
Victory Garden.

This is how I do my hair.
Available at the gift shop.

So many retro styles available in the gift shop.
This reminds me of my grandmother Daisy.
Wrap it!


  • Sue - Thank you for this because I did not know about “Victory Garden” at all before and it gives insight. Retro styles in the gift shop?!!- so cool. Have a nice weekendReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - I know- it’s the best gift shop ever. I actually shop there! Have a great weekend Sue. See you next week on our blogs!ReplyCancel

  • deeprooted - I love the idea of the victory garden, and it looks interesting, too! I also easily fall in love with red brick to begin with….

    I couldn’t agree more with you when you mention how the war forges our inner strenght. Though obviously I was too young then, my great grandparents have been through world war I, not to mention my great grandma who went through both – all strong people, who know how to content with little, see the the beauty in small and simple things, and to whom kindness means a lot more than words. In difficult situations I think of them going through these periods, and that gives me strenght to hold on…ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - You have an amazing way with words Petra and an incredible family history. I’m so glad we share our stories.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - I have heard of that museum. Certainly a place I’ll have to see for myself someday.


    • Cheryl Nicholl - You should William. I don’t really know you but I think you’d appreciate it. Call me when you arrive.ReplyCancel

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